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Unnecessary Critical Reviews

Review of:

There were pretty good project pitches for BCM215, three of which I will be critically analysing through certain guidelines, this task is similar to BCM241 where I will also be analysing project pitches because the classes really needed to be designed extremely similar but regardless the main focus here are the pitch reviews which did assist me in the clarity and organisational skills that I need to bring more to my own project.

PITCH – Camellia Bizimovski

Camellia’s digital artefact discusses representation in video games from a feminist perspective driving it as its main focus and even though there isn’t a clear game to focus on the topic and pitch is broad enough so that multiple video games can be discussed regarding this topic rather then one. This was the first one I had to review in such a manner so I might be a bit off with proper critiques for these project pitches, I just stated that the strong point in this pitch revolves around the clarity of the topic. Only issue I had here that I didn’t really cover in the comment was that there could be more to discuss and present then what is already there and that could either be me not knowing how to review something properly or my little experience with this type of perspective in analytical framework but either way I do feel something is lacking here but nothing that can’t be fulfilled with the right amount of research and practical applications.

The Impact of Paratexts – Jason Tanaka

Jason’s blog post here talks about paratexts and what that means in a game like League of Legends so at least we have a main game as the focus here which is a good starting point for this project. His goal is to mention the Netflix show, Arcane, and two events that takes place in the game, ‘Star Guardians’ and ‘K/DA’ both designed to appease to the consumers as in-game purchases disguised as accessories. I mentioned that besides his awareness on how toxic the community of League can be he should also focus on worldbuilding and story building in the previously mentioned events and series a bit more as its positive aspects can combat the negative ones that of the community. I also stated that if he was to do that he should look at the game ‘Legends of Runeterra’ which is a card game made by the same company (Riot Games) which does a better job at story building and world building then anything that Riot Games has produced. My background knowledge of the games helped me out here a lot as I can pertain to any sort of perspective of critical analysis that one could possibly look this game over.

Does Sims have the power to break a relationship? – Jessica Head

Jessica’s pitch is about ‘The Sims’ and the impact it can have on a relationship, Jessica is pitching the idea that she is going to play the game with her boyfriend on a ‘modded’ version of the game which contains multiplayer. For those who don’t know a mod is an alteration of the game that is most likely made by fans and their love towards the game for the common public. I provided the idea that Jessica should explore the physical connections it has to life with her and her boyfriend being a prime example as it would show a bigger field of study and thus more things to overlook and present and with the addition of showing things on Twitter there’s not much else to say here other then that this pitch can do better if it was the background research expanded a little more.


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