Another Game Media Analysis (Fun)

When discussing how the analysis towards my digital artefact is handled one must presume it’s being looked at through a few perspectives, and it is. Through these perspectives I am able to analyse my game media which is board games, and then see how something translates to a digital game, or vice-versa which is then to help me to develop, expand, curate and build my own board game which is currently under production. These concepts that I am going to briefly discuss are going to be associated with board games and computer/video games (not really digital games) as these concepts are probably the best ones to overlook when choosing which perspective to analyse game media. For the most part, board games will be the main focus here.

Historical Perspective

Assassins Creed 2 (I think it’s the second one, it doesn’t really matter here)

Historically, games have been around forever, even the Olympics can be seen as just a ‘games tournament’, but throughout history, games has been predominant to the human race, with classic games being “played around the world for generations, in one
form or other: checkers, called draughts in England, dates back to the 12th century; chess was said to have originated either in India in 600 A.D. or China before 200 A.D.; and backgammon, a variation of a game called Tabula (known as Chasing the Girls in Iceland), goes back to the 1st century”
(Whitehill p. 117). Nowadays ‘American-made games’ or as known in the board game industry “Ameritrash” took the spotlight and even though it started by taking and reiterating ideas from European games it then fluctuated into a genre of rolling dice, moving pieces, focusing on combat, the major use of plastic, and other aspects that people really enjoyed. European games usually focused on people collaborating and building each other up to succeed, materials were more natural with wood and metals. So when looking at this type of perspective it gives me the chance to borrow aspects between the two, where I would focus a good chunk of my game on combat but also focus on resource management thus bringing more strategy and different playstyles to the table.

Physical Content & Genre/Narrative

Magic Book or something

Now that we are informed of a historical analysis which is the biggest one of the three talked about here I must inform that most games can’t be completed with structure, specifically structure to the narrative and genre of the game. My game’s narrative revolves around a world stuck in different times at the same place (if that makes sense) basing the following player’s instructions as a sci-fi adventure game which isn’t too far fetched of an answer. In summary of the game itself, you are a mere inhabitant of what you call home and when you are faced with a time rift that separates and connects multiple worlds together, you are assigned to seek out the other worlds by your ‘Grand Tower’ that will not just send assistance but also be the core thing that stands between you and destruction. Paul Booth, author of ‘Game Play’ states that “the very paratextuality of media-based board games also reflects an automation, such that the more a player knows about the world upon which the game is based, the more his or her interpretation of the game becomes based in that world’s contextual information” (pp. 28 – 29). So for me, it’s important to put details of the game’s story as references and hidden details in the cards, boards, dice, etc. so that is can influence a person’s curiosity to play as well as be a neat decoration in order for ‘Un-Subdermatoglyphics to fluctuate properly. (check the full game dossier below)

Reference List:

B. Whitehill – Board Game Studies, 1999, pp. 114 – 127

P. Booth – Game Play: Paratextuality in Contemporary Board Games, 2015, pp. 25 – 30,

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