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TimeScape: A Captain’s Contribution

Audio for the Transcript below

Throughout the creation of TimeScape a board game, multiple instances of rehashing and refreshing our ideal for what this project/game is going to be, multiple ideas for what the setting, genre, rules, etc. of the game was going to be experienced by a potential player. I was in charge of the mechanics and rules of how the game functions, however, I am going to iterate here not about what I worked on but rather how what I worked on relates to the other components of the game. How do the mechanics and rules collaborate with the theme, or is it properly communicated with the genre or setting or narrative, etc?

As mentioned in the video at the bottom of this post, I state that the game will center and play around a spinner which is designed as a clock which fits with the theme of time-traveling/Sci-fi where players go from place to place, time to time trying to attain 24 hours/points to escape the time rift that had put everyone into the current setting of the four different worlds. Our worlds in TimeScape consist of the ‘ice age’, ‘dinosaur’, ‘medieval’, and ‘tech-futuristic’, the reasoning for picking those specific time regions was the idea of having completely different settings and environments to work with so that each time-era can feel unique which is established in the allocated die that each region has. The unknowing of the multiple dice and few options resemble the unknowing of the collaboration of the four worlds together as well as time itself, the spinner acts as the main guide to where players are, which then leads them to roll specific dice that correlate with their actions later on. To put it precisely how the game plays, players start off with a selected time era, more than one person can be allocated to the same time era, players spin the wheel, rolls 4 dice, then choose whether to roll one dice twice for or two dice once afterward for the purpose of either boosting themselves forward in time or setting other people backward in time. This continues until everyone is around halfway where players can now see who is getting ahead so they would likely choose the option of setting people backward more often as the negative risk of potentially assisting your opponents more than yourself is starting to increase.

Overall, The mechanics and rules of the game fit well and synergize with the setting and idea of beating the clock and progressing further than everyone via the choices you make, it’s a high-risk high-reward situation that requires players to push their luck towards the focused goal. My role as mentioned previously was to work on how the game functions as the mechanics and rules and how those elements correlated with the others but my other role came in the form of the project manager where I oversaw everyone’s progress and work to assure myself a decent idea carried through, I am pleased with the result and the people I got to work with, so here’s hoping the with further time and development TimeScape can actually be a real game for people to play.


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